@everyone Oh i just heard about the ~~ mod drama ~~ fucking fine i guess ill go. Im gonna be @NasicusFangs

I've been saying this but get hobbies, be HORRID at those hobbies. Don't worry about being bad, you're gonna be bad at atleast one thing and that's okay. It's okay to be bad at hobbies as long as they make you happy. I have things I love and when I'm depressed I WANT to fight that depression so I can do what I love. I write poetry, music, stories, I play games and write plays and design costumes and plan RPGs and I like to sew and alter clothes and make things. Be yourself, and unashamed.

Why the fuck is everyone moving to berries.space what happened i dont wanna remake cause then i gotta refollow

here's your periodic reminder that:
• autism is not a disease, it's part of the normal variation in how brains work. having a wide variety of neurotypes in society is a good thing
• autism is a "disability" bc society is set up for neurotypicals, it's not inherently disabling
• there's no such thing as a "cure for autism" and people who talk about one are really just talking about eugenics
• if vaccines *did* cause autism (they don't) that would just make two good reasons to vaccinate everyone

Nsfw talk 

I dont even watch voltron i dont know why these are my top 3 trending on twitter but people are very angry in these tags

Reminder that pedophilia and ephebophilia are different but both bad. Im all for locking up people who prey on minors but if you don't know the words its easy for others to dismiss you.

Nsfw confessions 

Driving through town today, stopped at a traffic light and a FREAKING HUGE HARRIER HAWK swooped down and landed on top of a building. I was on my way to the nature reserve to meet friends for walking so I had my good camera on me :D

Dont you just hate it when you eat something freshly cooked so it blisters the inside of your mouth?

Im so hype that ex trump lawyer is headed to jail and the courts announced trump is next. Pence better be too

Google search: how to abandon the city and become a forest cryptid

do y'all ever think back to how you were when you are a real depressed miserable bitch and think,,,,, "damn i was really like that?"

sometimes i like check out someones blog and find out theyre like genuinely a terf and im like fuckin stunned for a good lil while cos i gotta acknowledge that natural selection failed us on that one

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