I just don't know if I can hang someplace where everything is a toot. Tweet was bad enough.

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@sanspoint I'm glad it works for you, it's not working for me. I like "post" just fine (: And generally I'm a sucker for cute, sometimes even twee stuff like that but somehow this is not doing it.

@Verso I do know that instances can customize the Toot button. uses "splat", IIRC. There's probably one that uses a more conventional "post" out there somewhere

@Verso @sanspoint Yep. I’ll be referring to them as posts probably as well.

@ianbetteridge 1. I am basically doing the same thing. 2. HI! (wavewavewave)

@Verso I'm thinking of trying to get them renamed "Parps". Also HIIIIIIIIIII

@ianbetteridge Come sit by me, I'll get you a cocktail and we can catch up! How are things?

@Verso Not bad, not bad... but damn now I want a cocktail :)

@Verso maybe a nice third party dev will call it “post” and “posting”. I do agree that “Toot”, while some consider cute, is going to at least somewhat hold back the platform. I can see a lot of people not being willing to use that terminology. I’m internally starting to just say “post”.

@danvpeterson @Verso Agreed. I’m calling them posts as well. When I was a kid we used to call a fart a toot. Not the best brand choice. I bet Mastodon farts really stink!

@Verso I vote that they just be called posts and everyone be happier.

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