Hey timeline: If'n you're also on, how do you divide your time? Do you just xpost and let fly or do you do different stuff in different places? So far m.b is winning for me because this feels a bit inscrutable still.

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@Verso Yeah, I'm still trying to figure out all these things. I'm not really cross posting anywhere. is definitely more scrutable

@Verso I mostly post on Mastodon, because I’ve been on here longer and follow more/have more followers here. Also feels a bit more serious than my Mastodon timeline. I follow a lot more people who post silly stuff over here

@Verso I’m kind of trying to work out what is for at the moment. I haven’t been a prolific user - partly I think because it’s harder to discover people there.

@ianbetteridge a bit, true. But I really like it since it doesn't matter if I have a small amout to say or more, it just works! (:

@ianbetteridge @Verso Agreed. doesn't fit in my brain at allI. I've added a couple of users' feeds to my RSS reader, but that's about it.

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