How can I tell everyone is leaving Twitter in a huff? I keep getting followed by accounts with no posts, photo, or profile. Take a sec and fill it in people, I am more likely to follow if I have any idea who you are (:

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@Verso I’ll have you know, _some_ of is are leaving in a Hufflepuff. Wait. That didn’t come out right. In a Gryphondor? No. You know what I mean!

@Verso Are you getting more followers from Mastodon or

Those of us w/o large follow counts can’t tell if one is way more popular than the other.

@natevancouver Honestly I don't care about how many I have, I care about who they are. So I can't say for sure, but so far engagement with fun people is pretty good both places.

@Verso Not bad! I wish I could make the Gte all lowercase. But I get annoyed by the dumbest screwups I make.

@Gte It happens. Glad to see you though, with a bit less noise (right now) at least we can chat more often (:

@Verso Howdy, coming over from the Incomparable slack discussion about this the other day. Haven't posted, but re-posted an item of @lschmeiser 's

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