So if I have the option to move from to a different instance, how does that work?

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@Verso IIRC, both @jsnell and @buzz made that move recently, so maybe one of them can shed some light...

@jeff_lamarche @jsnell They have a thing in settings to "forward" your account, but basically all it does is put a notice at the top of your profile that you've moved. As far as your network goes, you're starting over.

@Verso gotta make a new account on the new instance, gotta don multiple dons

@Verso I assumed it meant you had to create a 2nd account, but now I’m wondering if there is instance migration available

@Verso you pretty much have to just tell your followers to follow your new account and hope they notice. Hopefully they can address this in a better way at some point.

@bigzaphod I've seen at least one where I clicked to see the profile and got "this account has moved to" with a different @ name.

@Verso yeah you can setup a forward in the settings on the website, but it won’t take your exciting followers along unfortunately.

@Verso or even your existing followers - regardless if they are exciting or not.

You can export some of your data, and make a new account on a new instance, I don't think you can just like, up and move and drag all your followers and everything with you.

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