@HollyGoDarkly I am sorry about your day but if you can please tell me how to make that cake and then how to purchase that mug.

@VioletPixel please hand one of these to Jean so she can route it to me. 💚💚

@dmoren @dmoren@zeppelin.flights I just don't call them that. I go with posts because reasons. (:

@bigzaphod I've seen at least one where I clicked to see the profile and got "this account has moved to" with a different @ name.

So if I have the option to move from mastodon.social to a different instance, how does that work?

Memory: Knowing I really liked to hear George Michael sing, then finding out Aretha Franklin did a duet with him. This told me two things:

- I have great taste
- He had great talent

I miss them both very much.

@ianbetteridge a bit, true. But I really like it since it doesn't matter if I have a small amout to say or more, it just works! (:

@Gte It happens. Glad to see you though, with a bit less noise (right now) at least we can chat more often (:

@isaiah that's a big part of what I have a hard time with here too.

@bigzaphod @timeuser @VioletPixel I agree with J the race to the bottom made it difficult or impossible to get back to paying what software is worth. If having a price at all were to become an advantage instead of two strikes against you, it might be a different story.

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