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Hey guys -- I've made a thing!

It's a podcast/audio drama called Soul Jar, following a teenage necromancer.

It would be AMAZING if you would listen.


I worked really hard on this and I'm equal parts proud and sick.

Okay, I've gone and had a peek and I think I'm going to try for a bit. Small number of users (who apparently make up a large portion of people I already love following?)

Also, the UI is cute as all heck

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Currently on a dangerous mission to de-clutter my very small flat, but somehow I have *more* books the more I de-clutter. They materialise and fill in the space and the more I have the louder the whispers get and now my flat echoes with unread stories

oh, and I found my cat's poly dice

latest experiment in skeleton art has led to disaster

he looks wrong without his people suit

(also how do bodies even work, artists are anatomical geniuses)

Helping a friend begin the novel query process for the first time. It's really lovely to use all this damn query knowledge for something good.

now there's a pixel skeleton in a people suit

this is getting out of hand

like i really cannot stop my hands from making these

First toot!
Hello there I'm Tooki/Sarah and I'm currently developing a point and click adventure game and having a blast.

My partner is asleep and I am staying up doodling skeletons in people suits in the darkness of the bedroom

I think I've refined the design a bit

I really can't stop drawing them

[image of cartoon skeletons]

writing pet peeve 

Shushing people by putting YOUR finger on THEIR lips. Such a ridiculous invasion of space! It looks ridiculous visually, and also makes me think whoever did it is a total dick.

Sometimes this is portrayed as sexy/romantic? I don't get it. It makes me shudder every time. I cannot imagine this happening in real life.

happy tuesday folks i hope your week is treating you well so far.

pet some animals or lay in the sun today if you can

I need to find time to audition today for another audiobook. Time consuming AND nerve-wracking -- my favourite combination! But until I'm a known narrator that's how it's gotta be, I guess. :)

Just posted my first video to my $3 backers! It's a little six minute video talking about curls, how to draw them, WHY to draw them, and ways to work them into mandalas :D

Pathfinder today! 4/5 party members went to buy a suspiciously cheap house while the 5th got arrested for trying to break into a costumier. He hit the rumour mill while in jail and found out some weird things about the house the rest of the party was signing the contract for.

How did they find out about the house for sale, you ask? Well, they were approached while the (goblin) bard loudly talked about how rich they were, of course!

It was a fun day to DM. :D

'No! NO! Bad boy. No biting!'

She hauled it off her cowering apprentice.

The apprentice shuddered. 'I don't think I'm ready yet.'

'Nonsense. You just need to take a firm hand with it. Oh, and give it something to chew.' She produced a strip of dried meat from the folds of her blood-crusted robes. 'Here boy! Want some jerky?'

The beast's mouth lolled -- she popped the jerky inside and patted his bald, flaking head.

'See? He's a good zombie, really.'

I really enjoy narrating. It's so pleasant to read aloud and try to express the emotion and atmosphere of a book with my voice.

I don't know whether I do them justice, but I really, REALLY try.

May as well make my first Mastodon post a deep and meaningful one.

So, here's something I realised. And it IS a question cos I don't yet know the answer.

Does anyone in the StarWars universe ever deify or anthropomorphise "The Force"?

It feels like humans over the ages have always tried to represent things that they can't control as being controlled by another being of some sort. But The Force remains just a force?

Ack! I turned down work for like the first time ever. It was the very difficult client I knew would be awful to work with. I read his manuscript and it had ... questionable content. And that was the tipping point: I said no!

Still feel kind of weird. But my other client just sent me a lovely and helpful message, reminding me of how I prefer to work and why I turned down Mr God's Gift to writing.

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