Would it be okay if I asked for boosts?

I'm an audiobook narrator on ACX and Findaway looking to build my list. I particularly love narrating books with science fiction and fantasy elements.

If you're an author looking to commission audio versions of your short stories or novels (on ACX, Youtube, or elsewhere!) I'd really really love to hear from you. I adore this work and would like to do more!

Samples: acx.com/narrator?p=A1SNG47CN6H

@Vicorva I don't know, but I think ppl who are doing their own personal gigs are well tolerated asking for looking for patrons or buyers on mastodon.

I suppose if you did it every day I'd mute you I guess. But that's an easy option on mastodon.

I doubt a proctor and gamble or w/e would be well received. We'd all just block their posts and the devs would blacklist the bastards in time anyhow

You? Are nice and we like you :-)


Also, I've heard your work!


@gemlog @hairylarry that's really kind of you! By the way, this is the only one I've ever done. It just kind of ... gets boosted again occasionally, because people are kind I guess. I've made only the one promotional thing for this and probably never will again.

@Ricardus You're a recording engineer so I doubt you'll be impressed, but it works well enough with my purposes. A Blue Yeti, Audacity, and a near-silent room have served me very well at this stage, though of course I drool over better equipment.

@Vicorva Cool. How did you make the room near silent? Foam?

@Vicorva I would love to hear voices on my texts, but I write in french :(

@Phigger I sadly would not be able to help with that. But you can still find amazing narrators! You can search on ACX by language and Findaway Voices will send you custom matches. You can also find some very lovely new voice talent on Casting Call Club. It's really special to hear your book read aloud; I hope you can find someone to do it. :)

@Vicorva Thanks ! I'll try to think to listen to some of these artists ><

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