^Related to expensive vet visit lol My credit card isn't too happy right now

I should make a new avatar commission add. Maybe make it holiday themed

I had an expensive vet visit last week phew. Pets are all good though!

Good morning! I don't want to work I just want to play Pocket Camp

Who else was totally absorbed in Pocket Camp over the holiday?

Okay back to the usual routine! Hope everyone had a good holiday!

Oh yeah! I haven't showed you guys my awkward D&D fighter, Claire!

Here's a "meet the artist" meme I did a while back! My hair's different now but the rest is the same haha

I should post some of my art that's on other places here. hmm

Good morning! Let's take it easy today as we head towards the holiday!

Hmm I should make time to play more Pokemon Moon. I never did much after the main story. Could be a nice sunny break from all of this snow!

It snowed last night! I was scared to drive (since I'm a new driver) but the roads were okay

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Would you like a nice new avatar? Well I'm accepting avatar commissions! $10 for a two color avatar! E-mail me at wayfarervart@gmail.com if you're interested! Thanks!

Hah, take that to-do list! Already knocked two things off! >:D

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Good morning everyone! I've got my coffee and ready to get to work! Happy friday!

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