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Wayfarer V @VictoriaLeeder@mastodon.social

Would you like a nice new avatar? Well I'm accepting avatar commissions! $10 for a two color avatar! E-mail me at wayfarervart@gmail.com if you're interested! Thanks!

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@VictoriaLeeder also i just noticed that you are also from upstate NY, so double hell yeah

@VictoriaLeeder oh shoot, nice! my fiance is from buffalo so we pass by you a lot, then! you getting snow out there yet?

@ryanlittlefield Yeah earlier this week! It already melted though haha

@VictoriaLeeder we had a flurry here on saturday and upon seeing it, we were both like

=it is the end of times=

@VictoriaLeeder haha, yep! well cool! stoked to follow you and see some stuff you do. i like your style, at least of your avatars you've shown off!

@ryanlittlefield Thanks! I just kind of stumbled into drawing that way recently and it just kind of clicked! I'm glad other people like it to haha

@VictoriaLeeder okay yeah i actually just creeped your timeline and saw your intro post - the environments are cool too. those thick outlines though!

@ryanlittlefield Yeah! I thought it'd be cool to combine painting with outlining and liked it!