Stages of Mastodon :

1. Create an account

2. u don't understand

3. u don't visit for a couple months

4. u return

5. u become addicted

@Viddhyuth I kind of skipped to stage 5 pretty fast, even though I'm still occasionally at 2. If I don't understand, I usually look it up!

re last boost: omg this 100%, I signed up in Nov 2016, poked around for a few day went huh, didn't come back till May/June 2017 and have pretty much been here constantly since!

Other sites I've tried in that time have never got past stage 3, so this is definitely a mastodon specific thing!

@Viddhyuth I hope that happens to people because I want the fediverse to reach critical mass, although in my case I skipped the middle part. 🙂

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