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Had to spit some schmoo, wind gust carried out straight to an Iron Maiden show announcement poster


Oh no, I'm turning into a monster.

Normally I'm one of those "I drink it for the taste" pretentious pricks, but today I'm just kind of "yeeeaaahhh, drunk is good. Let's keep this going"

there is no economic rationale for this: the fiction of 'welfare cheats' used to justify the dehumanising, inquisitorial scrutiny of already vulnerable people is based on nothing — absolutely noöne gets on those systems b/c it's easy or fun — and even if we were to accept the underlying fucked-up morality of a system where people need to prove they deserve to eat, gatekeeping welfare wastes more money than just giving it to anyone who asks would

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the function of 'welfare systems' in western countries is to punish poor people for being poor while instilling a sense of guilt and shame in them & a sense of superiority in people who don't need it

- Should the Maria server be shared between services?

- If so, should I make a jail just for it, then?

And the same with nginx:
Would it be better practice to have one server serving everything or does it make sense for me to have multiple ones for listening to different subdomains or whatnot?

I'm not sure how compartmentalized it makes sense for things to be

(This is all going to be extremely low traffic, btw. I'm worried about housekeeping, not performance)

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Any nerds around? I'd appreciate some sysadmin-type advice here:

I'm going to have several web services running from the same physical box.
I've got my WordPress blog, there's phpmyadmin for emergencies, I want to run a local gitlab and have the door opened for possible other wp sites...

The box is running TrueNAS and I'm setting up Maria and Nginx on a BSD jail, with the data on separate ZFS datasets. So far so good. But with this in mind this is largely new ground for me so... [+1]

@alcinnz Well the current state of things I'm in is mostly pirating DRMized content and tend to pay for DRM-free ones and always try pay/donate for ones I liked when possible.

I wish I could avoid the DRMized ones but for games and animes it's quite an exception and I already have the limitation that it needs to work on Linux.

And for audiobooks I have the issue of getting time for them (most of my games have music in them already or textual content) plus probably some hearing issues.
Books are nice, used to read a ton of them as a kid, much less so in the last years.

Music is also one where I don't have much issues getting DRM-free content, a lot is available on bandcamp (and GOG tends to put the soundtrack with games).

vent re: audacity bs 

@cypnk they collect basic system info,

plus whatever the fuck law enforcement wants?

wow, okay. thanks. glad my audio editor will just spy on me whenever the cops feel like it. that's where I needed that.

they also legally have to tell you that you can't use audacity if you're under 13, because they collect info on you. which is like. okay. guess that preteens aren't allowed to do basic computer things any more because they're not marketable any more

something to think about in this regard is eco's bit in ur-fascism about how fascism must always imagine its enemies both omnipresent (oh, zombies / looters / post-apocalyptic raiders in your neighbourhood! how horrible) and trivially defeated

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and obviously all of this allows white people to live out their power fantasies, which, again, are a way of processing and justifying oppression by projecting the violence you benefit from into the oppressed, imagining they want to do it to you, and now being able to tell yourself you actually need violence to defend yourself from having the turns tabled on you

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zombies turning you into one by biting you makes it almost too obvious. it's loss of respectability, and property values, from non-white people moving in turning the good suburban white into a monster (lower-class person), too. the (incredibly tired) cliché of humans being the real monsters does nothing to dispel this, only reinforces it

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actual evidence from disaster zones and the like shows people rapidly network for sharing resources and space. it's only white people and the ruling classes who need to imagine 'human nature' is a war of all against all so that they can justify the violence of their position by claiming everyone else would do the same to them if given the chance

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zombies, the purge, or even that thing in post-apocalyptic fiction where the instant the power grid goes down everyone is killing each other over bottles of water are sublimations of (a) the suburban white fear of minorities moving in and reverse gentrifying the neighbourhood and (b) the deep and abiding hatred everyone in suburbia has for their neighbours

It's quite annoying when people use the term "secure" to refer to Digital Restriction Management mechanisms. A "secure buffer" is not a good way to describe a buffer that cannot be read by the user. "Protected buffer" is slightly better but still a bit misleading.

I've suggested "user-hostile buffer", but not sure how other people will like it :P

They monetized everything and surrounded everything else with cops and wondered why kids stay home

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"kids don't go outside anymore" challenge

name 3 things kids can do outside that are free and available to everyone without grownups hassling then or thinking they're doing crimes

No idea who made this, but they are obviously a genius.

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