shopify dark patterns, privacy 

shopify shops:

you put something in your cart

to see the shipping costs it forces you to enter your full address and email

see the extremely high shipping costs on the next page, empty shopping cart, leave

(12 hours pass)

you receive an email from shopify like "hey, complete your purchase"

that's both a dark pattern and probably illegal under gdpr, folks

shopify dark patterns, privacy 

i would like to see this shit banned but i don't even know where to begin


shopify dark patterns, privacy 

@Ludonaut i had something tangentially similar on AliExpress. Went all the way but was surprised with the final price, so I backed off like, in the PayPal step.

But then my shopping cart was empty. Had to redo the order from the start, verified the price, it was all good, paid no prob.

But later I get an email "hey, complete your order".

Turns out my cart was empty because they moved my order to the next step and it's now in unpaid limbo but "complete"

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