Avoir conscience de vivre des moments précieux, c'est beau et en même temps terrible
Ma grand-mère de 93 ans voyant depuis tout petite, que j'étais réfractaire à la cuisine, m'a appris la pâtisserie (je me suis éclatée)
En ce moment elle apprend à mon cousin de 40 ans à faire de la cuisine (et c'est pas de cuisine basique)

Profitez de vos anciens, vivez ces moments comme des trésors de la vie. On a des diamants sous nos yeux : sachez les contempler et les aimer.

We've got to stop calling ourselves "consumers". Two videos in a row I just watched discussing the Epic games store referred to customers as "consumers".

That's how someone who has no respect thinks of you - as an inanimate cog in their profit machine.

Would an expensive restaurant call their diners "consumers"? Would a successful musician call their fans "consumers"? Would a lawyer call their clients "consumers"?

We have to stop dehumanizing ourselves. I am not a "consumer".


Trump: 12 more years, racism 

Mozilla Firefox is the best web browser for my Android smartphone. It loads webpages more fastly than Google Chrome does. However, I have a low end smartphone.
Firefox seems more fluid than Chrome on my phone while I'm using it. You can add extensions on it while you can't on Chrome. Its parameters are more configurable than those of Google's web browser and the management of its browsing tabs is better than that of its competitor.
Unfortunately, it's the least used of the both on this platform.

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