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The war on Christmas is going well this year. Nothing but respect for my antifa principal.

Never thought about this before, but the #Firefox "Reader View" is a decent way to bypass some adblock detectors.

The Costs of the Confederacy

In the last decade alone, American taxpayers have spent at least $40 million on Confederate monuments and groups that perpetuate racist ideology

The legal Canadian cannabis market could represent over C$6 billion a year - With cannabis now legal in Canada, the country is expecting a range of positive economic outcomes. >

#FunkWhale is an open source federated music streaming and storage service.

There's a demo instance using Creative Commons tracks here:

The official "Join Funkwhale" site is here:

You can follow them at:


#AlternativesAtoZ #Music #Audio #GrooveShark

« Heureusement, seuls des biens matériels ont été la cible des violences "gravissimes" .»
Edouad Phillipe pendant les questions au gouvernement.

La famille de la grand-mère morte à Marseille ou de ceux qui ont eu la main arrachée par l' « ordre républicain » apprécieront.

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