I made a song on my OP-Z using GENERATIVE MUSIC techniques! This is a rhythm made by playing 6 single-note sounds on loops whose lengths are the first six primes, so the loops phase in and out of sync and an ever-shifting pattern emerges. youtube.com/watch?v=Z9J0vUQ3B_

Theoretically the beat in this song should not repeat itself exactly until it has played for 30,300 steps.

Finally have a non-trivial understanding of QCD as an SU(3) gauge theory. Feels good!

I'd love something like duolingo without all the gamification bullshit.

Last night, just before bath and bed time, I carried my two year old out to the pond to see the ducks and geese that flock their at sunset. He has learned to speak very quietly around wild animals, so as not to scare them away. In the dusk we could just make out the v shaped wakes of 15 or so geese and a pair of ducks moving through the trees.

However, I should be able to retarget that tool to other Schemes.

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Might try to port the bindings to Chez Scheme next. Originally, the plan was to use s7 but chibi-scheme had very handy code to generate the ffi for me and it saved me like 85% of the work.

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I just pushed the initial version of my Chibi-Scheme bindings to the Raylib game development library: github.com/VincentToups/raylib
-dev -development

Jupyter notebooks are absolutely terrible. What is it about human beings that they love terrible stuff so much?

From HN discussion - "This is why I use ad blockers and a pi-hole server" (news.ycombinator.com/item?id=2)

This is GDPR in action. Wow.

let michael jordan play baseball
not because he has earned it,
but because it shall be a human right
and a human sacrament
to attain mastery and become dissatisfied
to miss the life of a beginner
and to make yourself anew
let pagliacci get depressed
let james joyce's amanuensis
reach her full capacity for rhythmic dance
let all of us write solo albums that suck
let's fuck it up

Doing the most boring kind of physics exercises today. Raising and lowering indices. Symmetrizing and anti-symmetrizing tensors. Etc.

My son watching a video of a fox hunting in the snow: "Hahahahaha"
My brain: "That fox is probably starving and cold and its life will almost certainly be uncomfortable and short and it will die miserable in a cold hole somewhere etc."

Every year I get more frustrated that there are programming languages other than Scheme.

Hey, so I gave a talk at Queerness and Games Conf this weekend on making your own programming language, and it's up on the Twitch page!

The talk went over the power dynamics of making your own language, why small-scale languages can be useful in game dev, and there's a demo of making a simple language interpreter (embedded in a JavaScript game).

You can see the slides and the code from the demo here: mcclure.github.io/qgcon-2018/

You can watch the talk here:

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