@sir Feels like the true way to take this is don't write any software, really. The ballpoint pen is software free, after all.

@SpindleyQ Wish they would work out the macro system in Fennel. Its weird and somewhat underdocumented, last time I tried it.

Everything should just implement syntax-case.

I made a song on my OP-Z using GENERATIVE MUSIC techniques! This is a rhythm made by playing 6 single-note sounds on loops whose lengths are the first six primes, so the loops phase in and out of sync and an ever-shifting pattern emerges. youtube.com/watch?v=Z9J0vUQ3B_

Theoretically the beat in this song should not repeat itself exactly until it has played for 30,300 steps.

Finally have a non-trivial understanding of QCD as an SU(3) gauge theory. Feels good!

@lorenschmidt What a tempting vision, right? I guess the flaw in it is that software is almost entirely relational in its value and these perfect, isolated, software castles would be lonely places.

@lorenschmidt There is a great video you can find somewhere of an elderly Chuck Moore giving a talk on an overhead projector with hand written transparencies wherein he suggests we should start every software project by designing a chip, then implementing an appropriate Forth on top of it, and then writing the application there.

I'd love something like duolingo without all the gamification bullshit.

Last night, just before bath and bed time, I carried my two year old out to the pond to see the ducks and geese that flock their at sunset. He has learned to speak very quietly around wild animals, so as not to scare them away. In the dusk we could just make out the v shaped wakes of 15 or so geese and a pair of ducks moving through the trees.

However, I should be able to retarget that tool to other Schemes.

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Might try to port the bindings to Chez Scheme next. Originally, the plan was to use s7 but chibi-scheme had very handy code to generate the ffi for me and it saved me like 85% of the work.

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I just pushed the initial version of my Chibi-Scheme bindings to the Raylib game development library: github.com/VincentToups/raylib
-dev -development

@Kooda That is Common Lisp for you. I personally prefer Scheme.

@noelle I'm not presently running linux but I seem to recall their being a module blacklist you could add to somewhere.


Jupyter notebooks are absolutely terrible. What is it about human beings that they love terrible stuff so much?

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