The problem with doing a client for this is lack of scale. Assuming there's 100k active users, 50% run iOS/Mac, probably < 10% of those would pay for an app. I'm thinking ~5k copies which sucks compared to the effort required.

🐓 and 🥚 I know.

@VioletPixel Kickstart would only work for Mac, which is an even smaller user base.


@pth Hmm. What about Kickstarting TestFlight access? That's 10K people. Or what about releasing the app as free with an in-app purchase/subscription unlock, but Kickstarter people get a special code/link/something that unlocks it for them? Would that run afoul of Apple's guidelines? Probably... 🤔

@pth "I backed the Tootbot Kickstarter and all I got was this lousy sticker/pin/shirt/bag."

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