I still don’t understand why anyone would want to see the “Federated” timeline.

@joesteel After blocking a few of the noisy and irrelevant instances I've found it to be quite interesting.

@VioletPixel What do you wind up getting out of it? Right now I just have posts I can’t read, spam, and “solicitations”


@joesteel The key to making it useful is to filter that stuff out. See my previous toot: mastodon.social/web/statuses/1

Now that it's filtered properly I primarally get two things out of it:

- It's interesting to see what people are talking about at the "global" level.
- I like occasionally helping people out with questions and issues they're having, and the Federated Timeline is a great place to find them.
- Finding interesting people to follow.

@joesteel I realise now, too late, that I listed three things instead of two.

Tooting is hard! 😄

@VioletPixel Mastodon will crush Twitter if the platform has editable (but history-preserving) toots.

@joesteel @VioletPixel
I just want to mention I saw this toot on my federated timeline and found it quite funny and interesting

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