You know how Dorian Gray safeguards his painting?

You know how Scrooge McDuck protects his number one dime?

You know how Sméagol cherishes the One Ring?

Thats how I want app developers to feel about my scroll position in Mastodon apps.

@VioletPixel Don’t you need to be on an instance running 2.6 to enable that?

@Justin Michael @Johan And here I thought you were getting us ready for some good jokes.

@VioletPixel Have you tried Mast? It's not perfect, but it does a decent job.

@kcnightfang Yep. Toot! does way better, but Mast shows a lot of promise.

@VioletPixel Really? I only picked up Mast and I really like it. I might give Toot! A shot if I can put it in the budget eventually.

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