Hello, Mastodon. New world. Let's see what you got. Anyone from either my Instagram or twitter timelines, say hey so I know you're here.

@VishalDadlani Welcome! May be you can tweet from you twitter handle ( about this. So that people know its indeed you. :)

@VishalDadlani Hey Vishal, good to see you here. This season's II is awesome! Great job!

@jigarb Thanks! Lots more to come. Some of the singers are slower to start than the others, and they're gonna pose real challenges later in the contest.

@VishalDadlani I'm sure of that now that you've said it. Only wish there are more of these kind of shows on the web than stand up comedy. Perhaps you can start a music web series which people can see on demand. Imagine there's a small dinner session at one's place and one wants to show others a good performance, there's nothing available online as such. Would be nice! Keep up the good work bro!

@devbhatia Getting away from the kooks and nut jobs, hopefully!

@HitchhikerQ Sane voices > known voices. Don't quite know which category I belong to, though! 😆

@VishalDadlani Just saw your tweet. Is this the promised land? Looks pretty neat.

Hiiiii !!!! Are we still on for bashing bad remakes of Dus Bahane??


Hey, welcome welcome 😊

#Toot toot ke likho aur sunao
Apne dhun se sab ka Dil dubara Jeet jao 😁😁😁

#JustKidding ur rocking already

@VishalDadlani Hii.. Plz do put a photo.. Otherwise people will not know about you 😊

@VishalDadlani welcome sir... Just wait and watch sir it will be a huge platform bigger than the bird .. Elephant will get the bird soon under his feet..😂😂

@VishalDadlani Heyyy , Follow Instagram pr bhi karta hu But abhi Twitter par dekh kr aaya 😅😅

@VishalDadlani hi!! Since I'm one of your early followers here..pls hear this and give me some feedback 🙂

@saurabh21 I did give it a quick spin. As an amateur who sings for his own joy, go forth! Music is the ultimate Democracy. If you're looking to go pro, there's a lot of work to be done.

@VishalDadlani Thanks 👍 for responding 🙂 . Will work on it.
Needless to say.. I'm a huge fan.

@VishalDadlani hello fellow sane human. Keep breathing. It's a man eat man world. But deep down I feel this world is mine. So I'm going back to Zion. Cuz I need a voice. This shit is electric.


@VishalDadlani hey Vishal sir ...hwz u doing? This season of Indian Idol is rocking like you.
Please convey that I am her biggest fan.
Love to u as well :)


Hello Sir,I'm a BIG fan of yours..Just want a reply from you.Love from Bangladesh ❤❤

@VishalDadlani Hey Vishal, just joined after your recommendation. And yes, I'm from your Instagram, Twitter and also Facebook. 😂

@VishalDadlani Is it THE Vishal Dadlani? I am new here and dont have the blue tick guidance hence asking!

@VishalDadlani i joined this bcz of u
Luv u sir
U r the great personality

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