Morning, all. Glad to find some of you have actually come over from my other pages. Hopefully, more will show up.

Thrilled to report, I can't hear the usual incessant social-media drone of words being sharpened in the distance.

@Mastodon , you were needed.

@VishalDadlani @Mastodon absolutely, platform is free of all the abuses and noise. Hope it stays that way.

@VishalDadlani @Mastodon उम्मीद करता हूँ नोटबंदी की दूरगामी परिणाम जो आज तक नही दिखे उसके विपरीत masodan के परिणाम अच्छे दिखेंगे ।

@VishalDadlani @Mastodon Good to see some sane voices for a change. Also, the average IQ seems to be higher around here.

@MartinHoover For now, at any rate. @Mastodon , if you can keep it this way, we're golden!

@VishalDadlani @Mastodon I believe, it's too early in the day but yes..hoping that this platform gives us the option to stay away from the trash that other platforms allow.
It'll be like a Karan Johar movie...jismein sirf acchi acchi cheezen aur baatein dikhti hain.. 🙂

@VishalDadlani Please try to get your other friends from the Industry here. We don't want it to be just political mastodoners. Diversity is needed.

@VishalDadlani @Mastodon Hey! Thank you for suggesting Matadon. Seems more peaceful here.

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