The twin facts that 1. tomorrow is the Ayodhya judgement and 2. Maharashtra doesn't have a government in place, are scaring the hell out of me.

Didn't realise how badly I'd been scarred by the Babri demolition, the riots that followed, the explosions and more riots. Fucking nightmare that ripped our country apart, and still does. :(

May we be healed, & may the ideal of India be realised.

Also, may all the bastards responsible for the events above, rot in a blazing, miserable hell.

Even if the situation is calm. Bhakts kamosh nahi baitne wale

@VishalDadlani have been calling family asking them to be safe. We shouldn’t be this shit worried in r own country. I’ve seen the 92/93 riots closely like you and wouldn’t want a repeat ever!!! Stay safe and let’s all pray for peace

@VishalDadlani Today i was watching Ram Ke Naam by Anand Patwardhan. It was trending today on YouTube as Kunal Kamra posted it.

I am 26, so never faced. Now it's seems like a horror.

@VishalDadlani There’s a war zone already created on social media Islam vs Hinduism. Words are being fired across borders now. Wondering if ever peace will prevail.

Why can’t we live and let live.

Narcissists should have a planet of their own!

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