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So rare are the people
Who feel the suffering
When seeing others suffer
Yet compassionate enough
To act against the suffering.
For it's the only way
They know how to end their suffering.

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@musafir While most fruiting plants would take time, may I suggest the humble banana as starting point as the whole plant can be consumed and as a demonstration would be extremely effective. Papaya being the other alternative.


@hiway @Battrebeet @ashwin_baindur

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To summarize create an app for women to connect and alert


Knowing how the person is good or bad

Security of data.

Misuse of information Eg a lady saying she is going out of the house

Third party audit

Scaling up of the app

How to bring in money

How to get women adopt it

Please add if any

Next toot on suggestions

@wabbster @KayKap @ajeeshrp7 @abj @VivekT @tempearth @musafir @AdvManoj @karunanundy @KnottedBow @DesCoutinho @DerekOBrien

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@musafir Wow wow wow. What was that? Just calmed down now.

Truly one of the best moments in my life.

For more than half an hour was taking deep breaths just to breathe. Had to put ice on my eyes because it started burning after wiping those tears away. My entire body tingling with goosebumps the effect like shot up after I listened the second time.

Okay have finally started laughing now.

That was truly crazy. Oh wow.

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so much planning b when you are going to b teach

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Government guidelines around covid, and the way folks are behaving related to how covid is transmitted are causing problems. Here is an example of how a safe person is requesting others behave, so maybe we should go with this level of cautions?

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A new month has started that also comes with a new server bill 💸

This bill is the most expensive I've seen so far with the upgrades from the past month. I'm currently working to bring down costs some more 💪 ❤️

If anyone could help me out paying the server, email and media storage bills for and all other free services please do❤️

As a little thank you I can always make you featured on my profile :cat_hug_triangle:​ Just send me a DM :blobfoxsnuggle:

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In Sweden a toilet is a toilet is a toilet. No need to indicate who’s allowed to use it. It’s just a toilet.

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We cannot tell children to “look for the helpers” when we, the adults, are doing absolutely nothing to help.

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Stories like those of Sarita Mali are what made #JNU so important and so necessary for India. So important to preserve this tradition, instead of destroying it.

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He first went after the Tamils, the majority Singhalese were silent
He then went after the muslims, the majority Buddhists were silent
He ruined the country and made it face it's worst economic crisis ever
Only after they had No food, No money, No fuel, No power they realized.


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Why can’t you trust an atom? Because they make up literally everything.

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Anyone works for Facebook / Instagram? Our business profile got locked because we entered our birthdate (< 13 yrs).

We need to restore the account within 25 days or else it will be wiped off. No way to contact Support / Appeal ( form doesn't work)

Can someone help / RT? Thanks.

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Terming poor people's huts and shops as 'encroachments,' 'illegal' just because they don't fit within the parameters of your bourgeois aesthetics and laws is insensitive to say the least and doesn't sit right with me.

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How often do you use the Fediverse? (Mastodon, Pleroma, Misskey etc.)

Sometimes I wonder if freestyle rappers are the best English speakers?

I wish I could find sentences which makes meaning to the craziness in my head for a word is clearly not enough.

So close, yet so far. Just hope things work out and I finally reach my destination. Been a strange one.

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