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So rare are the people
Who feel the suffering
When seeing others suffer
Yet compassionate enough
To act against the suffering.
For it's the only way
They know how to end their suffering.

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@musafir While most fruiting plants would take time, may I suggest the humble banana as starting point as the whole plant can be consumed and as a demonstration would be extremely effective. Papaya being the other alternative.


@hiway @Battrebeet @ashwin_baindur

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To summarize create an app for women to connect and alert


Knowing how the person is good or bad

Security of data.

Misuse of information Eg a lady saying she is going out of the house

Third party audit

Scaling up of the app

How to bring in money

How to get women adopt it

Please add if any

Next toot on suggestions

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@musafir Wow wow wow. What was that? Just calmed down now.

Truly one of the best moments in my life.

For more than half an hour was taking deep breaths just to breathe. Had to put ice on my eyes because it started burning after wiping those tears away. My entire body tingling with goosebumps the effect like shot up after I listened the second time.

Okay have finally started laughing now.

That was truly crazy. Oh wow.

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@wabbster Money laundering & because there is no accountability; no need to specify where money will be spent/is spent. Also has PM/DM/HM as trustees @romil

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And don't you dare say the Supreme Court order justifies this, it says nothing about this.

In fact, by not allowing more journalists to attend, you're actually increasing the chances of wrong information being published through lack of clarity, misinterpretation.

For shame.

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Is this action an outlier or is this new found interventionism here to stay?
Facebook and Twitter blocked videos from Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro for coronavirus misinformation.

Social media companies have been reluctant up to now to act on misinformation from politicians, classifying even lies as free or political speech.

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What kinda sick person turns pandemic into communal politics?

That's BJP( Bharatiya Blowjob Party) and gang!!

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@stux An organization here was setting up a camp for homeless people on a big vacant lot that used to be a shopping mall & then an open-air market, & will eventually be the site of new buildings (construction is halted). Tents were more than 2m/6 ft. apart. They had no permission, so police were sent to dismantle the camp & I hear the people will go to a shelter or a motel instead. The people wouldn’t have had running water in the camp, but now they’ll be in close quarters. Which is better?

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It's taxpayer money
It's contributions from the people
It's donations from corporates & celebs

Why is Modi's picture👇on relief materials?
How much has he/ his party contributed?

Which other PM in 70 yrs put his/her picture on public goods?

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Are you Patreon supporter already? Checkout on #Patreon!

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1) Why not the PMNRF, why a new NGO?
2) Where is the trust deed?
3) PM-CARES militates against the founding principle of a public charitable trust
4) Was due process followed?

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On 26th March 2020, the Ld. SDM visited Markaz Nizamuddin and called us for a further meeting with the Ld. DM. We met the Ld. DM, apprised him of the stranded visitors and once again sought permission for the vehicles arranged by us.
Read this article 👇

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Ahhh my nose. When a person sneezing they realise they do have a nose on their face. Otherwise we hardly feel it.

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