So the current protest is currently being fought on the narrative set by the government and it's lackey media which is trying to show the issue is all about the subsidy given. We need to change that narrative.

1. is against good education of the poor.
2. is destroying the education system in India.

The idea is to get a narrative which everyone in the country get behind. To bring back the focus to education and education of poor.

@Vishsai We cannot lose JNU. It is required for the very sanity and safety of country and constitution. Never studied there, but have friends who did... Right to Education is enshrined in the constitution, but that terrifies this gov't because an educated person will ask questions, rustle up arguments and charge those around into questioning status quo. All these are the hallmarks of a vibrant, true democracy.

@KayKap Those were my thoughts on how we can change the narrative from JNU's Subsidy given to government being elitist and anti education. Haven't a clue on how to make it practical.

@Vishsai Can probably use JNU contribution to various sectors, maybe using a %tile scale; how many JNU-ites in the civil services, how many in other sectors... Do we have that kind of data...

@Vishsai How many went on to represent India on the world stage; how many created an impact there... might help...

@Vishsai This list should be plastered all over JNU. A nice poster to be made of current Foreign Secy and Dy. Natl Sec Advisor. JNU alumni should be asked to speak up. Alternatively, but this should not need to be prompted. Well placed JNU alumni should step forward with funding help

@KayKap will try to disseminate this info to the JNU students whom I know.


@CharismaticSal_ Thank you so much. Is it possible to share my toot also if you think it can help them.

@Vishsai sure, will do.. But why to thank, I think all the sane citizens shud support the cause and contribute even thoh it's little— we need to save this university for our future generation.


@Vishsai forwarded the whole thread. She started thanking me and all of us out here. She said she wud forward to all her juniors, student members and their faculty members... Will wait for her response and let u know! 😊



@CharismaticSal_ Yay. When I started the thread, it was to put my thoughts as words and hoped somebody connected might read it but never believed it will reach them to be honest. So thank you for that. I don't know if it will be of any actual help but there are a lot of people with supporting their cause. @KayKap

@Vishsai when something is done with a clean heart,and with enthusiasm that clicked and eventually, success.

Thanks for starting this thread and it has already reached the concerned ppl. Hope it gets clicked and this becomes a success. Hoping for the best! 👍


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