Hokies-dokies the eyes are better and the ears wanna hear the muzaac, so tonight we shall return with some new numbers... maybe... will take inspiration from the weather around us here in Mumbai, India...

So @gemlog @Vishsai @Iwalkalone @viv @VivekT @wabbster @dpreacher please get ready...

to start it off an eternal fav/well known number


@KayKap @gemlog @viv @Vishsai @VivekT @wabbster @dpreacher

Slash's solo - I used to pump this on full volume in our balcony, during school days in Delhi, and doing air guitar!! To impress girls, naturally. I got a rep as a rock song enthusiast from that time on. No one got impressed, though. Only dirty looks from my dad!!

@KayKap @Vishsai @Iwalkalone @gemlog @viv @VivekT @wabbster @dpreacher Thank you all for some lovely Monday work day playlist. I missed this train, catch you next time.

@bumbleebee Either @Vishsai or I kick this off, usually around 8.pm IST. If I am doing it I usually send out a warning post around 3-4ish in the afternoon. Also, I add a Ltd no of ppl to the toot. If you so desire can add you to that list. @Iwalkalone @gemlog @viv @VivekT @wabbster @dpreacher

@KayKap I am usually shut off from the comp after dealing with it all day hence mostly not on social media or anything in the evening. If I see you toot, will tag along if I can :) @Vishsai @Iwalkalone @gemlog @viv @VivekT @wabbster @dpreacher

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