Is everyone going to just keep pretending that the buttons on the Switch aren’t backwards?

@VisualAdvocate Weird that you should pop up right when I'm literally looking at you talking about some nerd shit. :blobcheeky:

@darckcrystale I get why you’d say that. Nintendo basically created the way it was from the beginning. Stands to reason it’s not backwards if that’s the way it started. Except they labeled the buttons B,A on the NES. In that order. It’s insane and it’s been backwards since the beginning. Then somehow doubled down with Y,X on the SNES.

Regardless the buttons now follow the rules of modern consoles where B is back but it’s in a different spot from them.

It’s backwards.

@VisualAdvocate oh no, I just said it because I don't think there is an objective rule for that specifing what should be the "right" order of controllers buttons. For me, it's not "the first one" which should define a standard, but what is the most efficient / confortable (like qwerty and dvorak dispositions for example) and I didn't hear about studies saying where the main button should be.

Also I love how Playstation controllers just dodge the problem.

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