Packing for AEA DC! It's been so long since my last trip I hope I remember how to pack the right things!

Designer's guide to adding animation in UX design:
A short list of key ways animation can support UX goals with lots of examples by Jolina Landicho.

Draggable menu with image grid previews
A neat draggable masking animation demo from using TweenMax and Draggability.

So fun! LOVE IT 😀👍
A couple of days ago, I had a random idea & couldn't get rid of it until I built it so here you go, I made a Flappy Bird game you play w/ browser windows!🐦🎮

Now I can move on! 😂🎉

Animated Interactive Vue.js Slider:
This tutorial walks you through creating a nice swipe loading effect with staggers.

There are some really great points in this list!
Six assumptions which could break your website

“Window size on mobile devices doesn’t change.”
“Real work gets done on desktop computers or in apps.”
“I can infer whether the user is using touch interface or mouse from the screen size.”

This week’s UI Animation Newsletter is now in your inboxes! 💌

Animation inspiration is a fun way to start your Friday.😀

The days will pass anyway. You might as well work towards something big.

Love this episode on getting paid! I love a lot of their episodes, really, but this one is an especially useful listen on talking about money and negotiating:

“Cancel at any time” is kind of a lie if cancelling requires me to make a phone call.

(Or any other method besides doing it online were I signed up for said thing.)

Very thoughtful start to from “We’re past design makes it pretty, we’re at design makes it work. We need to be at design makes it GOOD” (in all senses of the word)

JS stands for "Just Shhhh".

Have you checked out yet? Lots of great CSS layout tips in there!

For those looking to do media art installations with just HTML + JavaScript (e.g. WebGL, Canvas2D), I've open sourced a sample Electron repo that I've been using for all my installations.

Useful for kiosk mode, native builds, etc.

A story about drop caps and how even small improvements can make your design system better from

This is a very cool use of variable fonts for a logo!

“The logo shape shifts with different human gestures; while its colour palette gently changes according to the time of day and night” (Via

This ad had been following me around the internet ever since I got to Toronto. It’s like the algorithms can see right into my soul.

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