Seconding all this great podcast-starting advice! (It’s a whole thread.)

Also, I kinda miss having a podcast…
There are loads of ways to start a podcast, so this is _not prescriptive_. But I figured I'd write out how I've done it in case it's useful.

These bunnies by will make your day because they are so cute and amazing (and CSS!) 💜

These bunnies by @/julia_miocene will make your day because they are so cute and amazing (and CSS!) 💜

A good look at how “front-end developer” means such different things to different people:
Two front-end developers are sitting at a bar. They have nothing to talk about. Welcome to "The Great Divide."

Successfully made homemade seitan last night! Just waiting for my vegetarian gold star in the mail now. 😜

(The trick was an Instant pot, if you were wondering.)

Designing for Tomorrow - A Discussion on Ethical Design

I like that this article includes some practical advice for navigating ethics in the design process. Recognizing when you’re facing an ethical issue can be the hardest part.

This is a great listen on how social media came to be and how the early days shaped what social media is today:

If you’re looking to get into UX design, Catt is a super smart person to learn from!
Good news, everyone: my @Skillshare Premium class about Digital Product Design is live 👩🏾‍💻 If you wonder how I work and are looking to get into UX design, this is the class for you. This is my first-ever online class, please support in any way you can!

I wish I could write words while listening to music with words in it.

Do you have complicated logic for tooltip positioning in your app? Willing to share screenshots of gnarly cases? Some chrome engineers are looking for worst case scenarios. ;)

A quick and helpful read on finding and using colour pallets from

SVG Filters 101: Super useful info on how SVG filters work from 👍

Design is making intentional choices.
Creativity is finding novel connections among familiar ideas.

You don't get either unless you are continuously learning and observing the world around you.

Are you a maker who does weird, artful things with code? Please consider applying to our open call for 6-minute speed presentations for Processing Community Day, taking place Saturday 1/26 at! (Application deadline is 1/19)

"Human interactions are the majority of what makes the Internet of Things interesting. Our data is the fuel that makes businesses smarter and more profitable."

Me: “Who would buy a $150 dog bed!?”

Also me: buys a brand new cushiony chair for the dog to sleep on in the office.

If you’re wondering which other Grid properties are animatable and the status in Chrome:
In @FirefoxNightly you can test animation of grid tracks. This pen is a super quick demo plus a link to the @ChromiumDev issue for the feature

This example of animating grid-template-columns and grid-template-rows totally wins though:
Just knocked out a little CSS Grid animation experiment using a 2 x 2 grid as a coordinate system (viewable in @FirefoxNightly). Thanks for the heads up about the new feature, @jensimmons!

Playing around with animating grid-template-columns and grid-template-rows in Firefox Nightly. These are definitely the most fun grid properties to animate! 👍
We just added support for animating CSS Grid to @FirefoxNightly. You can use CSS animations to change the track lists on `grid-template-columns` and `grid-template-rows`.

Try it out, and send me a link to your demo! (Use Firefox Nightly as of today…

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