I can’t believe they fit a whole 2 terabytes into this little thing! 😜

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"Make Friends with Film" with Brian Shaw & Alexandra Meseke

July 23rd, 2019
Rochester, NY

is excited to sponsor this in-depth film workshop covering film stocks, cameras, metering and exposure, choosing a film lab, & more!

Details: shawphotoco.com/make-friends-w

Designers guide to animating icons with CSS: newmediacampaigns.com/blog/gui

A nice tutorial on how to animate draw-on SVG icons with CSS.

The more menu: codepen.io/ainalem/details/VNV
A unique menu unfolding effect using clip-path by @mikaelainalem@twitter.com.

You know this is going to be a good one!
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Thanks so much for all your good vibes and nice notes! They finally let Tucker come home this morning.😀 She is not pleased with her new hairdo but she’s very happy to be home! 💕

The coolest authors dress to match their books 😀

@redsesame@twitter.com and @wilto@twitter.com show is how it’s done.

Love how @soundslikesue@twitter.com is doing audience voting in this talk!

Yay! It’s @SaraSoueidan@twitter.com on the @aneventapart@twitter.com stage 😀

Also, Firefox has some really helpful tools for designing with variable fonts in the browser! 👍

“Nuance is not AI’s strong suit. (Yet.)” - @kateo@twitter.com at

What an interesting talk! And some very cool sketch notes too 😀
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Lindsay Aitchinson of @nasa shares stories about designing space suits, but IRL. @nasa @RogueNASA

Had so much fun wandering around Oslo the last couple of days! Perfect weather and such a lovely place 😀

My creative type is Visionary and I got this fun little character the end. 😀 There’s lots of fun motion work throughout the whole thing too! mycreativetype.com/

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📺 Coming up today! Let’s get to the bottom of semantics. A new Smashing TV webinar by @Mandy_Kerr@twitter.com on what HTML semantics even means and how to write cleaner markup.

📅 April 30, 1PM GMT, on Smashing TV. For wonderful Smashing Members ❤


Oh, This looks like a very helpful bit of CSS info to have!
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Soon @FirefoxNightly will have another new tool for CSS — a way to see: 1) that certain CSS isn't doing anything; and 2) why.

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