So fun! LOVE IT 😀👍
A couple of days ago, I had a random idea & couldn't get rid of it until I built it so here you go, I made a Flappy Bird game you play w/ browser windows!🐦🎮

Now I can move on! 😂🎉

Very thoughtful start to from “We’re past design makes it pretty, we’re at design makes it work. We need to be at design makes it GOOD” (in all senses of the word)

For those looking to do media art installations with just HTML + JavaScript (e.g. WebGL, Canvas2D), I've open sourced a sample Electron repo that I've been using for all my installations.

Useful for kiosk mode, native builds, etc.

A story about drop caps and how even small improvements can make your design system better from

This is a very cool use of variable fonts for a logo!

“The logo shape shifts with different human gestures; while its colour palette gently changes according to the time of day and night” (Via

This ad had been following me around the internet ever since I got to Toronto. It’s like the algorithms can see right into my soul. is live captioning his own talk at Spotlight UX right from his slides and it’s pretty neat!

Good morning Toronto! Happy to be here even if it’s just a super short visit for Spotlight UX 😀

Looks like time to start seriously considering Scroll Snap for projects....

This is one of the last specs that got off to a false start, with drafts behind prefixes. Now shipping for real...
(Future specs don't use prefixes. No more false starts.)

Trying a new way to support my bubbly water addiction.

Creating animations using React Spring:
Animating with springs is fun, and you can use them in React with React Spring. This article shows you how.

Zdog looks like a very cool library if you're into animating SVG and making it look a little 3D!

Happy to be back home with this little scruff who is feeling much better and is pretty much back to her old self. 💕🐶

Thanks for all the good times! I had such a blast talking UI animation with you all. I'm already missing the great snacks and design chats we had the last two days.

The (and some very nice animated icons from Airbnb) got a mention in Travis Kirton's talk at Layers yesterday 😀

“Nobody is neutral and doing nothing is not neutral.”

Loved’s design ethics talk at . So much useful advice! (And cute dogs too.)

How to animate paper in After Effects:
A neat little tutorial demonstrating an animated effect to animate paper. It could be a fun technique to use with other mediums too.

But the new macOS name makes me think of this salad dressing 😜

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