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Being involved in the tech community has been transformational to my career.

Here are 11 ways you can also get involved!


And speaking of AR glasses, I still totally want to try these North ones despite less than favorable reviews like this one. Just to see what they’re really like. theverge.com/2019/2/14/1822359

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If you're attending @TheLeadDev@twitter.com London conference in June, preorder your copy of Resilient Management (using promo code LDUK) + pick it up at my book signing during the conference.
That's the 1ST DAY BOOKS WILL BE AVAILABLE *ANYWHERE*. You'll get it first! abookapart.com/products/resili

Also - the way you can play/pause the animated examples within the article content is a smart way to do mid-article animations. 👍

The Dark Side of the Grid Part 2: matuzo.at/blog/the-dark-side-o

Some helpful examples of how changing the visual order of items can affect accessibility and more.

Oh no! The Impossible burger shortage is real! 🍔 😞

I can’t believe they fit a whole 2 terabytes into this little thing! 😜

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"Make Friends with Film" with Brian Shaw & Alexandra Meseke

July 23rd, 2019
Rochester, NY

is excited to sponsor this in-depth film workshop covering film stocks, cameras, metering and exposure, choosing a film lab, & more!

Details: shawphotoco.com/make-friends-w

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Most career advice for women sucks: Lean in. Have it all. Lead like a man. Never stop grinding.

Me + @theledu@twitter.com are sick of it. So we're starting Collective Strength—a different kind of women's event. Starts 6/5 in Philly, talking 💵 with @karenmcgrane@twitter.com. meetup.com/Collective-Strength

A handy trick for getting the volume of a device's mic from the super smart @rumya@twitter.com:
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So @Mandy_Kerr asked recently about returning the volume of a devices mic...@rumya@twitter.com's a solution I made for her - it takes the average amplitude of frequencies from 0Hz to 10kHz

I'm ready for her next question about beat detection 🎶🎤


Thanks for all the podcast suggestions yesterday! I’ve got a nice list of new ones to check out now 😀

Twenty Thousand Hertz
Hidden Brain
Design Life
The Accidental Creative

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For Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2019 (), we have updated our checklist! Use it to help ensure everyone can use your website, regardless of their ability or circumstance. a11yproject.com/checklist

Designers guide to animating icons with CSS: newmediacampaigns.com/blog/gui

A nice tutorial on how to animate draw-on SVG icons with CSS.

Currently reading Joyful by Ingrid Fetell Lee and I’ve suddenly got the urge to repaint my office walls in a bright cyan or pink. (Or maybe even both?)

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