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A unique menu unfolding effect using clip-path by

This is what I have been working on the last couple of weeks!

It runs a physics engine in a web worker to control the UI so that it's not impacted by the really expensive SVG filter that makes everything gooey.

Managing focus with animation: showed this demo at AEA Boston last week and it's a great example of using the transitionEnd event to move focus for keyboard interaction after content has animated into view.

This is a super helpful little SVG utility from! Convert SVG path to all-relative or all-absolute commands:

Reading this made me feel equal parts guilty and inspired. Time to get that personal site up and running again! makes a very good case for why personal web sites and the indie web are so important both for you and the community:

You know this is going to be a good one!

What are you current favourite design podcasts? Looking to add some new ones to my list. 🎧

Just updated all my slides from my From Business to Buttons talk to include all the various videos. They’ll make a lot more sense now!

Major new release of is out NOW—symbols become even more capable as components, live linking your assets and much more. We put a ton of work into this and it's a big step forward for letting anyone build design systems. And as always—it's free.

This sounds like one heck of a good meet up event to check out!
📣 ATTN PLS! @theledu and I have something new for y'all: a community called *Collective Strength.*

- Monthly IRL events about women + work
- No leaning in
- Free!

If you're a Philly-based woman/femme/NB person who's tired of BS career advice, JOIN US!

Thanks so much for all your good vibes and nice notes! They finally let Tucker come home this morning.😀 She is not pleased with her new hairdo but she’s very happy to be home! 💕

Tough weekend around here.😕 Tucker has been in the dog hospital all weekend and we're still waiting for her to be allowed to come home. (The Vet expects her to make a full recovery, but the waiting part is still hard!)

There is a lot of support for young women in Tech, and that's awesome.

But I also want to give a shout out to women who have been in Tech for a long time.

Please RT if you've been in Tech for 5+ years! And please list your achievements in a reply. You're awesome! 👩‍💻

There are three very good dogs in this Delta lounge and now my day has gotten 1000% better than it started.

Trans-inclusive Design:

A great read on how the assumptions we commonly make as designers have more ramifications than we might think.

Thanks for a great conference, ! I learned so much andI had so many great chats about UI animation after my talk. 😀

The coolest authors dress to match their books 😀 and show is how it’s done.

Join me in on 22 May for a webinar from where I’ll be speaking all about the power of edge cases. ⚡️📐👩🏼‍⚖️

Sign up in the link below!👇🏽

OH: "That's the cutest dumpsterfire I've ever seen!" - watching 's slide about the Great CSS-in-JS debate

Wonderful work by Here's a guide they created that helps you confront and balance your bias. It includes prompts to open up your design practice: Balance your bias, consider the opposite, embrace a growth mindset:

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