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Of all the browser logos, Firefox Nightly is my favourite.

Want to keep up-to-date on the best web animation, motion design, and UX resources on the web!?’s weekly collection of curated tutorials and articles — plus advice on how to make web animation work for you might be exactly what you are looking for!

This clock animation from is very fun, even if it's not really a clock.

"This book doesn’t just cover the theory of animation—it also breaks down actionable details for how to solve common use cases, all with clarity and levity. A powerful resource for designers and developers alike!" - Sarah Drasner, Trulia Get it here:

Just discovered autofill in Google Sheets and this changes everything. 📊

There's a new version of Anime.js out there:
The grid staggering looks pretty neat!

Designing accessible escape hatches for modals: shares a whole lot of useful info about a detail that might seem small but can be a very big deal.

Today's is this excellent writeup on Why We Need CSS Subgrid by

Long read but a nice in-depth exploration, if youre wondering why people are talking about subgrid, and what it could mean when its implemented in the Lvl 2 spec

I put in an order for Girl Scout cookies at the gym this morning.
That’s how this is supposed to work, right?

TIL: It is possible to burn peanut butter.

And the smell lasts for a really long time.

“There are consequences to the way we build. Real consequences, felt by real people around the world. Performance is an ethical issue, and it’s one each and every one of us can work towards improving”
Some insightful thoughts on performance from

I think we’ve taken this pumpkin spice thing way too far now…

If Google Fonts offered Variable Fonts (VF), would you want to link to...

Got my ticket to the workshop with in March!
Excited to learn lots more about Grid and other fancy new CSS things!

My Lyft driver this afternoon was also named Val.

That doesn’t happen very often!

We spent the whole ride chatting about how rarely we meet other Vals.

me: went running on Jan 6th

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