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The Voice of Dog is a furry audiofiction podcast, with uplifting anthropomorphic stories from writers in the community. Occasionally NSFW.
Hosted by Khaki and Rob MacWolf, read by friends. New stories every Monday and Friday, sometimes poetry on Wednesday.

Find us at:
or wherever you get your podcasts.

If you've got a story you think would be a good fit, please get in touch!

@VoiceOfDog if you haven't put down roots yet I would highly advise moving off of

it's overcrowded with no sense of community at best, under-moderated with tons of spam and harassment coming out of it that many other mastodon servers have traffic from it limited in some way at worst

furry-centric alternatives include,,, and tons others I'm blanking on at the moment


@mycroft While we considered those, the problem is we can't really tell which of those can see eachother, how many users are on them, and the ability to be seen outside them. We don't want to wind up in one where only that server can see us.

A couple other places we tried had "no outside links" or "no self-promotion" rules. Rules out our ability to actually introduce episodes, which is the whole point of this account.

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