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Rachel Wülfe @Vosyl@mastodon.social

1993: on the internet nobody knows you're a dog
2017: the NSA is confused and concerned by your continued very public claims of being a dog

One thing I love about mastodon if I want to reblog something clicking the icon doesn't bring up the post for me to hit reblog again, it just does it.


Taking an expensive-ass non-generic medication? Search "<med> copay assistance" and there's decent odds the drug company has coupons you can get just by filling out some basic info.

I just saved a *shocking* amount of money on my bipolar meds this way.

2001: Ha ha Linux could even run on a toaster! j/k
2011: Wow this toaster actually runs Linux. It’s not a joke anymore.
2021: Please pay the ransomware to receive your toast.

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One of my patreon supporters asked me to draw more of my monster boy Chapman, the uh... lower half of this can be seen there. patreon.com/MikeLLunsford

I just signed up to a Bitriz24 account. Some project management software I'm now pouring every to-do list from last year into.

Every broken resolution that I'll work harder, every failed promise I'd do this sketch, every still outstanding commission.

My crimes will be weighed against me, and time will see it all undone before me.

The mastodon stages:

1: getting used to the interface

2: discovering that most people are just people, engaged in everyday adventures, big & small

3: the allure of the notification sound

4: a gradual getting used to the fact that not everything is about US politics, and that it's okay to filter it out on a macro level

5: a quiet moment when you think "there can still be poetry in this world"

6: some sort of reconciliation with the quantum magic that is the federated timeline

7: pineapples