there isnt a day i dont think about this post

Getting my dick removed so I can suck my ribs

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Intersectionality isn't an option, it is a requirement

It isn't only a moral imperative, it is a strategic imperative

It is REQUIRED for labor to be victorious over capital

@crowboi crows actually have three distinct types of calls: Gay, hungry, and existential horror

try living with fat cock disease for one day and see how hard my life is

(Subtooting a few terrible articles about terrible people threatening to quit Linux.)

What happens when the jerks & MRAs leave your project? Good people who were driven away by those cretins start to show.

There are MANY more good people repelled by these idiots than there are idiots.

Assholes are not valuable. You'll get more done, produce better work, and have more fun without them.


my art project website (#MastoArt) is finished! featuring:
- vague feels
- blackout poetry
- cool art

what more could one possibly want? check it out at

Its also part of an experiment of sorts. I'll be uploading art, both old and new, and if you recognize my art. Congrats you found me.

I've another account on another instance, but I want it to remain small and peaceful.

Fun fact: there's a spider-man villain named The Owl, and this is not a joke, who doesn't have any powers bird-related or otherwise. He's just a crime boss who likes to eat mice.

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CW emoji posts for assistive technology users please, that includes when the emojis are letters

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