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Rachel Wülfe @Vosyl@mastodon.social

Get out of here with your past views!

A long-awaited game is so badly delayed that the devs add every fan who dies in the interim as an NPC. After release, rumors abound about their souls being trapped in the game - but, rather than trying to escape, they seem to be trying to improve the massively disappointing product.

"so what did you do today iris" not much, just designed a semiotic standard for a set of Apocalypse World quick-reference cards i'm making for our game tomorrow night

hey hey guys who wants to make this the Latest New Meme

What if I just say I don't believe in set theory

checkmate mathematicians

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I once mistook mark hammil for slavoj zizek

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again a great chance to introduce many new people to the #fediverse.

#Vero is getting hudge attention over #twitter. It's a new social network, co-founded by a capitalist that left thousands of their workers unpaid in a dessert camp, and even stoped food, electricity...suply.

We can:
- make that visable
- highlight the anti-capitalist values of the fediverse
- expand on the beauty of federation and free software

-> tweet by using #Vero
-> rt to give tweets higher ranking
-> spread it

I find it absurd that we never learn to do our taxes but we're required to, taxes are very complicated with punishments if you fuck up, so we have to pay to get them done

If that isn't the scam of the century idk what is.

Okay I made another one of these sona photoshop things! Bored birb driving 🚘

Working on some digital rewards for the Kickstarter campaign. Here's one in progress.

if you’re considering joining mastodon or looking for a new instance, a pal put together this really nice list of cool instances and their themes: instances.noct.zone/