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That feeling when you click on the wrong space and boost someone's toot about sleep schedules by mistake


Me: so uh, couple of questions about character design, do uh, wheels? Exist in D&D?
DM: yes
Me: and um, physical combat?
DM: yes, obviously
Me: one last thing, do boots exist?
Dm: yes
Me: okay so that's all the conponents of roller derby, here is a roller derby elf.

Well I guess I can add "Somewhat Lightly Shit Talk Chris Avelleone In A Forum Thread Chris Avellone Would Later Post In" to my resume

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Some people say Destiny 2 is bad but in the PVP game I just played the announcer said that Warlocks treat combat like it's arithmetic and that I am very good at arithmetic so they are wrong

single player battle Royale game. parachute onto an island, alone, while a circle slowly encloses you

I have somehow ended up defending the new God Of Way on the Waypoint forums which is not how I thought this would go

(Also worth noting I am not saying that you should go out and buy it I have not finished it and find a lot of the narrative to fail in how it treats women even if this newest one is not actively misogynistic so far)

"It's the Citezen Kane of movies that are legally distinct from Finding Nemo. Which is saying a lot as Citizen Kane is also legally distinct from Finding Nemo"

-Me, describing the film Shark Tale

"Nier: Automata is just a shit version of Undertale that plays into preconceived notions of east vs west game design to garner more love then it's cheap manipulation and deep seeded misogyny serves"

-A thing I almost post daily on every social media account I have since I beat that god damn game

My brand on here is foxes and oversharing very personal health details for humorous purposes and in the hopes that by sharing these things with proper context warnings I can help normalize health related topics so that others might feel okay sharing these things as well so that maybe fewer people will hurt themselves because they are afraid to talk about things

It's an extremely specific brand

I need to post this photo with the text "Current Mood" more