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My guitar just made the most horrible electric buzzing noise which would be fine if it was plugged into anything

Game pitch: Dark Souls, but you're a fox

Two legs or four I don't care make it a taur if you want

I can't wait to be super bummed out by how sexist Okami is next Tuesday

This will be great

The cult of Yoko Taro is a very strange one


Hideo Kojima is a creep who made a game where you beat women within an inch of their lives and then could be forced to pose for "sexy" photos for you and had no business making any game let alone a silent Hill game

I Am Bored And Wish To Say Something Funny But I have Nothing Funny To Say So Instead I Will Reuse This Old Joke Instead And I Must Scream: The Vulpes Absurda Story

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It's amazing how much mileage you can get in Shadowrun by turning into a fox

Man that toot about pixel art and cross stitch just keeps going

I can't tell if this is offensive or but I feel the need to post this from the game Card City Nights 2

I once saw someone say that pixel art was the first truly masculine art form and to this day I carry my great grandmothers cross stitch sampler around with me so that in case I ever meet that person I can throw it at them

I am really bad at following people on here and all the different instances make it hard to know if I just never followed someone or did and they moved or if everyone secretly hates me for my Zelda hot takes

I'm learning to play my Bass VI with my fingers instead of a pick and this is dumb for a few reasons.One the strings are really tightly spaced on this thing by design so it's hard to actually do and two I know literally no chords no it's a bit overkill for my skill level.