I once saw someone say that pixel art was the first truly masculine art form and to this day I carry my great grandmothers cross stitch sampler around with me so that in case I ever meet that person I can throw it at them

@Vulpes_Absurda @Jssra not that art has a particular masculine or feminine leaning to my mind, but if you're going to assign masculinity to something, how could pixelart beat, say, 'clawing the form of your imagination out of the earth's very bones'? @_@

@Vulpes_Absurda Not that gendering shit like this makes any sense but also have they never heard of blacksmithing? Art that involves fire and hammers aligns pretty heavily with what I imagine they think masculinity is.

@ashlily It's been years since I saw this and it was on Twitter I think so they may have meant first of the 21 century and not had space to say so or something but yeah I would have thought have thought that like, gunsmithing or something would have been their go to.

@Vulpes_Absurda this toot keeps coming back in my mind i just... can't fathom

how? the mental gymnastics required to reach this conclusion are just astounding

@tcql This was back during the peak of gamer gate so there was a lot of those kinds of gymnastics going around

@Vulpes_Absurda setting aside the toxicity of even wanting to talk that way in the first place, why would pixel art be picked, out all the possible art forms in the entire history of art?

At that point, it's just looking around at random things you like I'm trying to shoehorn it into a philosophy.

@abbenm This was back in the height of Gamer Gate so yeah shoehorned is about right


I thought the first truly masculine art form was boxing: two guys making each other dumber by the minute, on display for everyone to see 🤤🤛🤜🤤

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