I read something recently that gave me food for thought. An alternative has to be 10x better for people to switch; and the core experience is what convinces people, not cool extra features.

I don't know how universally applicable it is, but I wonder how Mastodon stacks up in that. Personally I think it's 10x better, but is it really? Or more importantly, are we communicating clearly that it is?


@Gargron As a slightly contrasting view, somebody who I really respect for creating great software and knowing how to persuade users said that the way to create something people truly love and want to use is to get the basics right, of course, but then to go just a little bit beyond that, do just a little bit more than they expect, and that is what they will love you for.

It doesn't matter how good the base is, you need the little extra that grabs attention.

@WAHa_06x36 Then I don't know because we have a lot of extras!

@Gargron Like, it should be stuff that grabs your attention. Things that may be entirely useless, but that make an instant impression.

@WAHa_06x36 @Gargron
such as animations and turning your face into something else (dog ears/nose, etc)?

@sowth @Gargron That kind of thing works wonders, yeah.

This guy wrote one of those tilting-maze games in the early days of the iOS App Store. It was a nice game, but the thing that made people excited about it, that they kept commenting on, was that it was playable already when the main menu was opened over it.

@WAHa_06x36 @Gargron Yep, this is the thing... You need that extra to drive the momentum. To motivate people to stay long enough.

Discovery is probably the biggest issue of Mastodon. It is really hard to find interesting people. Especially as new. You need to be motivated to stay like I was. For me it was open source. It made me look pass design issues like the 500 char limit.. I had also been looking for a good enough G+ replacement. I stayed because I was able to find interesting people.

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