So happy about this icon for @tootapp that I finally managed to put together.

@tootapp To be honest I stole a lot from @dopatwo’s original art, but I guess that’s... consistent?

@snder Yeah, the app is basically fully themeable, I just haven’t actually used it. It might need some tweaking to fully work too.

Plan is to let you use different colour themes for different instances and accounts to make them easier to tell apart.

@snder I’d like to, but it’s a challenge if you want to sell an app. I trust people to pay for it even if source is available, but I don’t trust bad actors to not just re-upload it...

@WAHa_06x36 Are you planning to make it payed? I suggest you make it free and add a hardcoded donation function! This way you can make it open source and earn the money :-) I think people will appreciate it a lot more this way😊 But it’s up to you ofcourse!

@snder Unfortunately, from experience I know very few people bother with donations.

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