Any app on the App Store that isn’t blocking Gab or taking active measures to block it are at risk of being pulled from the store.

@eurasierboy Unlikely. It's not like web browsers that don't block Gab are at risk of being pulled from the store... Or email clients that don't filter our Nazism. Clients that handle an open protocol are fine.

@eurasierboy Also, if any of these apps are open source, all they need to do is have someone fork it, give it a similar Mastodon-client-ish name, and post it. As long as ActivityPub client code exists, that can also be used to connect to Mastodon servers, they will have decent app options available that will slide through app store approvals.

Trying to block a group from using open source software and protocols isn't really going to work well.

@WAHa_06x36 @eurasierboy It's pretty antithetical to free and open source software though. And the general concept of and benefits of decentralization.

I saw discussion of whether or not software could be licensed to forbid it's use for hate in Gagron's original thread, and that'd actually make anything that did that no longer qualify as free software under the FSF definition.

Are you really winning if you're investing time and energy into an ineffective solution that costs you your standards?


@ocdtrekkie To the extent that free software prevents me from taking a stand against evil, I really could not give a fuck about free software. It can go fuck itself right off with that.

Every single day of the week, opposing hatred and oppression is far more important than "software freedom".

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