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The First Amendment doesn’t protect anyone from yelling “fire” in a crowded movie theater that isn’t on fire.

Fox News is yelling “false alarm” when they know there's a fire; a raging, deadly fire.

Relentlessly broadcasting that there is no pandemic is orders of magnitude worse. The fact that Fox prepared for #COVID19 in their offices while mocking it on air should leave them culpable and unprotected.

Bring back the Fairness Doctrine.

Fox’s Fake News Contagion

Twitter is copying instagram and now has stories called fleets

Another reason why the site is turning to garbage

I really
liked the trailer for . The animation and premise seen fun.
Also I really
like Katie

Super Tuesday is today. Go out and vote in North Carolina and other states!

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Nothing new.... *sigh*

If the people have registered to vote, they have right to participate.

Closing polls and making it an hardship for Black and Latinx folks (especially elderly, disabled, lack of transportation, incapable of taking a few hours off from work, etc) to vote, then its voter suppression.

PBS Kids has better LGBT rep than Disney movies do, send toot.

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I knew the Artemis Fowl adaptation would suck but did not imagine they would get it this wrong

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I don't understand the hate for Jojo Siwa. Yeah she's kinda annoying but she's just being a kid and she clearly enjoys it. She's a better role model for kids than Kylie Jenner. And good for Jojo that she now has a boyfriend.

Reminds me of the Daniel Tiger episode where they all go out and vote and learn how to vote with style and grace.

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I aint old enough to vote but I encourage you all to go out and vote at Super Tuesday if you live in NC, and remember that if your pick doesn't win, find something good about alternatives.

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Do I have any North Carolinians in here?

🔥Early voting starts today in NC!🔥

You can still register to vote or make changes during early voting. After that, you won’t be able to do it during the primary period. You need an ID for that, but there is no voter ID requirement in North Carolina if you’re already a registered voter.

Go to the link for locations, times, & more information.


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Super Tuesday is coming.

On Tuesday, March 3rd, voters in Alabama, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, and Virginia will participate in a primary, while Democrats in American Samoa will caucus. Democrats Abroad also start voting on Tuesday and can vote through March 10th.

It's beyond important to vote for the nominee that you think is best.

Nothing is over and every vote counts.

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@shoq With Republicans trying to oust Dorsey and turn Twitter into Gab now more than ever we need folks to move over to the Fediverse! /cc @Gargron

Hi Mastodon! I escaped from Twitter because it was bought by Trump’s people so yeah.


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