friendly reminder that gradients and soft shadows make shit look a lot better than plain solid colour

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@Waces Weird, I get told that gradients and soft shadows makes things look "dated"

@Waces That solid plain color w harsh edges design crap is sooo ugly
I'm glad it's slowly going away it was a cursed era

@ocean @Waces I'm not a fan of gradients either, the result here looks too blobby.

@Waces I like it. The solid color thing comes from material design aka google. In its defense, it doesn't say you can't use gradients and shadows, but you never see it because everyone uses the same framework with default settings.

@KarlTheCool I mean, I'll admit I exaggerated a bit on the soft shadows part, as that's a bit more debatable to people, but specifically just gradients makes icons look better if they aren't already supposed to be black/white, like on the mail icon

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