being trans and going to parties, you end up being the keeper of all these random friends of friends secret gender troubles.

none of them ever want you to broach the possibility of them being trans, they just feel compelled to tell you these things. Like moths bumping against your radiant glow.

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and then you have to sit quietly and listen to your friend who is close to them talk about how the moths life is falling apart and you just have to sit and go ahhh ummm hmmm oh well.

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@mxsiege It is difficult for me to try a conversation with a person with a sexual condition other than mine without asking something related, curiosity beats me, I know that it can be rude at times 😔

@Walo ah, well its not so much its rude, more that... i end up wanting to help but i can't because they're not looking for that change yet.

@mxsiege @Walo
The funny thing about transition is that you aren’t at all ready for it until suddenly you are.

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