for your healthy, I'll teach you an ancient incantation from an ancient country. I translated it into English.
" Teen lootion, Dio lootion, Rein leenar, Nar leetion, yeega trainen whoo waition, niway inlay, woowhay sun, chi chi darma gotaphar, true!"
spell it every morning and you'll find the healthy come back once more in 2 weeks.

Fire! Heavy fire! Tasting! Let’s have any tasted in this special time. My best wishes to everyone. F**k damn convid 19. F**k cp virus.

many unKongfu trainer who didn't train kongfu often like to tell lies to people, but the truth to ghosts and monsters especially in the hens country.

it's the most important to keep in healthy at present. Have a good dish is a useful way for it. keep on cooking and take care of myself.

When people's lives all over the world were threatened by convir 19, you might need to train kongfu to keep healthy in a low body spending.

for my kongfu teaching project, I have to creat some special words to express the core idea, because the old words were altered and very different from their original means especially in my native language.

the Western dishs are almost for eyes, but mine are all tasted and enjoyed for stomachs.

Shuon whein, means that she's a type of clouds and you would be good luck if you saw her.

Training kongfu everyday in this special and might serious time is a lucky. I hope everyone could save his life from covn19. The best wish to you, everybody in this world.👍


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