Took my phone to get a new battery installed. Far cheaper than a new phone. Hope it works!

I started on Mastodon Social 3 years ago. Yay me πŸŽ‰

I'm going to take Thursday off. I could seriously get used to doing it more.

Which customer service is worse? Health insurance companies or cable companies.

Answer: It's a tie. They both suck, just differently

We're living in the future. How's it working for you so far?

One my favorite videos has been BLOCKED WTF?!?

Seems to me licensing rights for videos that were aired over 15 years ago should be pretty straight forward, doncha think?

Most people keep an open mind as long as you agree with them.

It's cold out so I came to work.

Pretty sad reason amirite?

Tip of the day: πŸ“œ

Roots are important

I just wasted the entire day.

Good times.

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