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Like if i became social media popular, id have to deal with the stress that I'd deal with the responsibility of having that kind of power.

im pretty sure if i ever became social media popular i'd probably private this account since i like using it to complain and talk about stuff that I dont really want thousands of people reading.





do i have male privilege or not. should i join in conversations about feminist issues and speak like someone who can have lived experience in the subject like someone who is a women or should i talk like a (good) cis male ally, defering to those who are women.

feminism is weird when your a closeted transmasc but who oftens passes for a cis boy, judging from strangers.

the Genderz 

on a other note, I turned 18 a week ago. yaaaaaay. i guess i should change my bio from being a trans sadboy to being a trans sadman.

complaining about being autistic/my parents 

also if it seems like im talking about it a lot on here, its because i don't have a good place to in real life. my parents are "its not that bad, your very high functioning, its mild and nobody probably knows. it makes you smart."
also some people probably figured it out
1. somebody in school literally asked if i'm autistic a couple months ago.
2. I have shared a good chuck of my classes with the same people for mutiple years. they probably figured it out.

honestly, ive been thinking a lot about being autistic lately, and sometimes it just makes me feel really mechanical, seeing that so many of my behaviors and life experiences are because of it.

honestly one of the most annoying things about the dominance of "autism parents" is that most of the online resources and info is geared towards parents for info on their young child.
it can be hard to find good positive resources for someone like me, a Not Child nor Parent, who just wants to learn more about the condition i have.
And all those parent oriented sites honestly just makes me feel worse.

i recently remembered i have acress to fancy databases from that college course i took a while back. There's just so many really interesting books on obscure topics i like on there, and i can't decide which one I want to focus on.

I also put in historical elements in there too so I have to research that too.

honestly one of the main problems im having with writing this story is that i want to keep having a realistic tone and feel but there's also a bunch of supernatural/magic elements in it too, one of which heavily affected one of the characters.

i was looking at some drawings from early this year of one of my ocs and wow did his design used to be boring as heck. now he has long hair so his design is better now.

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