Tonight (or perhaps tomorrow) I stand back up a site (by request) from the late 90s of the work of minister William Ellery Channing.

As it happens, still have the ~22 year old files.

I figured out a long time ago that I was never going to be in the majority -- down even to my small birth cohort -- so I might as well enjoy what I can, make what I can and do what I can.

Confession: news distracts me from bad US news.

I have a face full of novacaine so I'm going to have ice cream for dinner on principle.

Rebooting an updated version of my first c. 1994 site using the

See at dat://b91f85a6de8c778d16c43f8d6e30e3833bdf7aa78e8730041e432a3228ec5a39 and reseed if you would. (It's tiny.)

I'm inspired to stand up an homage/update to my first c1994 website, to be distributed using

So, read the Guardian article yesterday; installed the

Am I just a magpie for lost causes? Will give it a try out. Reminds me of the mid 90s, maybe Gopher/Usenet late 80s.

That happy feeling of getting the dog back inside before the storm starts.

Thinking about taking up again or learning . Something (literally) handy.

Found a bunch of Office of War Information (USA) bulletins and now realize I'm binge watching the Second World War

Are there national and international that post natively to a Mastodon instance (not a bot bridge)?

commentary via Mastodon might be worth it by itself.

Christopher Robin was sweet and sentimental but not very good.

More letter writing, too. Stamps I got today, new issues: Airmail Centennial and Dragons. (Photo fails to load with Tusky app.)

Looking for a Mastodon Android app. Tried two that were UI fails.

I don't code, but I'm longtime desktop () user I'd like to improve my chops.

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