Done! :D Thumb tacks, nail polish, and polystyrene eggs. About 115 pins.

@kerr1ck :D It feels really nice too. It's a polystyrene egg but it gets surprisingly weighty with all the pins on.

@WelshPixie I made one a few years back, though Humpty Dumpty fell off the bookcase recently.

@WelshPixie So cool! Such a simple concept and yet it looks really time-consuming to make!

It also looks SO GOOD. Like maybe if you heat it up, a dragon will hatch.

@vicorva :D It's pretty time-consuming, yeah, mostly waiting for the nail polish to dry!

@WelshPixie Lovely! Didn't 'get' it at first, was going to ask was it a Hop flower or an Artichoke :D

Will never look at a hops vine the same way again

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