How's your day going? I just came out of the post office and got into the wrong car, so hope your day is going better 😂

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@magikarp friend giving me a lift, someone in a similar car and the same colour parked two spots away and I wasn't paying attention

@magikarp yeah! I didn't get in fully, opened the door and was about to sit down then noticed 😂

@WelshPixie I made it to Uni. No idea how. Now sitting in the most silent area of the university.

@WelshPixie it started raining on my walk in so Javert was getting panicky and then something happened at an embassy here and everything was closed so we had to come in the long way while it was (lightly) raining.

I am not sure if that is better or not.

@WelshPixie it is unfortunately much less pleasant with a dog that is near panic because of the water falling from the sky.

@WelshPixie I was in a video chat with girls from the fediverse and we mostly just spent it meowing at each other. :3


Oops! Hopefully not followed by driving it away and only realising the error when you got home :)

@nigeldgreen no, haha - was having a lift with a friend and someone parked two spaces away with a similar car :) Didn't even get to sitting down, just opened the door then realised

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