Ugh. New FB friend (a photographer my mum met at a photography club she's started going to) made a big disgusting bigoted mess of a post ranting about 'there are only two genders' in response to a BBC video in which someone's talking about the fluidity of their gender.

Only takes one arsehole to ruin your good mood.

Left him some stern words and educational link-age.

Person in the comments: "I don't want to be inflicted with it. If they want gender free toilets let them pay for them"

Me: "I don't particularly like sharing my breathing space with bigots but I don't think you should buy your own oxygen tanks to carry around with you."

Hahaha, someone in the thread pulled the 'you don't get to call them a bigot, YOU'RE the bigot by being intolerant of their opinions!' card.


Someone who doesn't realise that they're asking: "Lets have a look at what science actually says rather than activists"

Yes! Yes please! Go and look at all of the science behind being transgender, all of the science about gender fluidity, all of the science about the LOADS of genders that exist outside m/f! Yes please, let's look at what science actually says!

The good thing to come out of this is that through interacting in the comments I've made a new - and more importantly, tolerant - friend. <3

OP in their OP: 'This is delusional! Don't push your delusional mindset!'

OP later on: Come on people, this is my page and I won't have anyone talking down to people

Me: Er, you talked down to everyone who identifies as non-binary in your post


The person who said 'let's look at science': "I don't want to assume, Del, but you're trans, aren't you?"

1) Then don't assume
2) No, you don't have to belong to an ostricised, marginalised group of people in order to stand up for them. FFS.

Also, I was playing 'but I have X friends' (where 'x' is something like gay/black/lesbian) bingo with the comments in that thread, and let me tell you, I filled seventeen bingo cards

@WelshPixie "the right to offend" this is the bottom of the barrel right there :gonk:

@WelshPixie @InspectorCaracal

"Protecting essential freedoms is always a matter of restricting the actions that would deny them. Remember, your freedom to swing your fist ends at the tip of my nose."

-- Richard Stallman.

Oh! This must be so stressful but thank you for speaking up!

@compostablespork <3 I'm good. When I don't have the spoons for it, I don't engage. But today, I'm good for it. 💪

@lyliawisteria Let me know if I can help in any way - boosting toots to help you find a place, etc. I wish you the best of luck! <3

@lyliawisteria Yeeeah, that's not much of a living wage if it's expected to cover rent, bills, food, meds, *everything*... :/

@lyliawisteria Ugh, yeah. Badly designed systems put in place by people who've never had to be on the receiving end of such things.


I don't like that someone brought that fight to your doorstep, but I am glad that fight got brought to someone who knew how to fight the battle as well as you have here.

@WelshPixie what is this person's justification for not letting these people be who they are? Even if he doesn't agree with science, you could at least hope he has compassion?

@loke He doesn't have any justification beyond 'it's delusional' and 'when will this madness stop'. I think he thinks that accepting non-binary people's rights - hell, even that their enbieness is valid - will somehow take something away from him.

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