There! This is a 'proper' Delaunay Triangulation and Voronoi Diagram. I did mess up in a few places with the lines for the Voronoi part though, I was still freehanding it and not using pencil guidelines XD

@WelshPixie that looks fun, and I can see how you did that - though I don't know anything about the background of these methods

@WelshPixie that kinda reminds me of the complete hexagons I used to draw as a kid 👌🏼

@WelshPixie I feel sure that @767 will love all of the geometric poly art you've been doing!

@WelshPixie Doing the Delaunay part first does seem like the right way to do it, even if what you want is only the Voronoi diagram, since that way the triangles guide you in making the bisectors meet in the right places. Some of the dual pairs of edges seem a bit non-perpendicular in this example, though...

@11011110 Yeah they probably are. I'm still not doing it entirely precisely (i.e. marking the center point of each three triangle edges then drawing 90-degree lines through them and marking the point where they meet) because I'm impatient XD

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