Driving through town today, stopped at a traffic light and a FREAKING HUGE HARRIER HAWK swooped down and landed on top of a building. I was on my way to the nature reserve to meet friends for walking so I had my good camera on me :D

I was confused trying to confirm that this was indeed a harrier-hawk as their face is usually yellow - but I've just read that the yellow patch turns red when they're agitated :D

Also, they grow to around 66cm in length and can have a wingspan of 160cm. That's 6cm more than my height. :O

@WelshPixie 😮 That's so cool! Such an intimidating bird, I love it.

@vicorva Yeah!! I've seen it (or its mate maybe) at a local park we sometimes walk the dog in that's not too far from where we spotted it today, but hadn't managed to get a clear shot of it previously. They're really huge and impressive though.

@WelshPixie thats so cool! We never get hawks around here, only herons and osprey, so it’s always fun to see other peoples pics of them

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